Saturday, September 29, 2007


“Homeopathy… cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt a safe, economical and most complete science.” These are the words of the Father of the nation MAHATMA GANDHI.

Today, after more than 200 years of its discovery, homeopathy is acknowledged as a major healing system. It is finding increasing acceptance around the world. According to WHO homeopathy is the 2nd leading system of medicine for primary health care. Homeopathy follows the philosophy of “Like cures Likes” and that each individual has self healing response (vital force), which when disturbed or imbalanced develops health problems. Homeopathy aims at stimulating body’s own healing response.

Today, Homeopathy is growing science which offers a hope of treating so called “incurable” diseases Unlike other system that view mankind as package of flesh and bones and treat all with one solution. Homeopathy views all patient with an individual with an entity and treat each with individualized medicine based on their physical, mental and emotional characteristics. Also Homeopathy doesn’t simply suppress the symptoms, but approves a disease from the system of the body. Homeopathy is a complete safe science, with almost no side effects if given with care. It doesn’t even impose any dietary or lifestyle restriction and provides long lasting cure.

Now, people have started becoming more and more cautious their health and there is a growth of interest in finding an alternative, which is safe and effective. And it here where Homeopathy comes in…